Committing to the ‘French Lifestyle’

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Whether living, holidaying or working in France, the French lifestyle is definitely something us Expats aspire to; the 2 hour lunches with a carafe of wine as standard, not thinking…

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Everything you need to know about ‘affouage’

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With wood burning appliances becoming more and more efficient, the ancient French tradition of ‘affouage’ – which gives individuals the right to gather wood from a local forest - is…

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What is an Artisan?

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Say the word ‘artisan’ to someone in the UK and they’ll think you're about to try and sell them an expensive loaf of bread from a ‘boutique’ bakery. Come to…

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Advice on Finding the Right Artisan

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Want some tips and advice on how to find a good artisan who is fully registered and insured and how to avoid the cowboys required insurances putting you and your…

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Easter Fun!

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The egg is one of the most durable and efficient forms found in nature, here are some of our favorite buildings from around the world that have been inspired by…

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600 Likes on Facebook!

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Today we are celebrating achieving 600 likes on our Facebook page. Many thanks to all those of you who have supported us along the way and continue to do so.…

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“Coup de Pouce” EDF!

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Some interesting news has come to our attention for those of you who are homeowners in France. EDF are launching an offer in February 2019 to help homeowners finance work…

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