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Why Artisan Central?

The Customer The Customer
1. We encourage our members to ask clients to give feedback on our site for each job they do. The Artisan Central team monitors this feedback.

2. The site is free to use. The directory is a free service to homeowners looking for tradespeople in France. We provide all the information you need to make direct contact with the artisans and guarantee that they are fully registered and insured.

3. Search for artisans throughout France. We are continuously expanding our directory of pre-checked trades. If you know of a good tradesperson who should be in the directory, share this site with them.
The Artisan The Artisan
1. We provide our members with a tailor-made online business profile that can be used as their web page to promote their business in the marketplace and refer potential clients.

2. We actively promote our members, emphasising that they have been vetted by our team and come highly recommended by previous clients.

3. We provide a safe and supportive network for our members, working closely with our partners to provide the best possible service.

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Artisan Feedback Artisan Feedback
Artisan Central is more than a trade directory. We are proud to have our business independently checked to assure our clients that we are correctly registered and insured for our services. In addition, we find that our clients appreciate the ability to leave feedback on a regulated third-party website. We like this because it gives added value to those great feedbacks we get as there can be no doubt about their authenticity.

"Artisan Central provides a service and creates a safe community for tradespeople and consumers alike and a great platform and professional-looking web page to advertise our business."

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Artisan Central is a directory of pre-checked, highly skilled artisans working throughout France. Artisan Central members represent quality, skill and professionalism.

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