Membership Benefits and Fees

Our members are important to us. We offer a highly competitive membership package, an advanced tailor-made website, and our promise to promote our members at every opportunity. We also have a range of payment options to choose from – from monthly payments through to generous discounts on half yearly and annual payments.


  • We will personally create your tailor-made business profile to enable you to promote your business to new and existing customers.
  • Your profile is tailored entirely around you and includes a summary of your business activities, the range of services you offer, contact information - including a link to your own website if you have one - your logo, a gallery of your work and customer reviews.
  • Your profile page can be updated at any time.
  • The advanced search function ensures your business is captured in all relevant customer searches – whether by postcode, by trade or by business name.
  • You can select any number of trade categories which apply to your work.
  • Your profile includes detailed information about your business – answering the questions which customers are often afraid to ask.
  • You have a unique link to your business profile to share with customers and use in business stationery.
  • You have exclusive use of the Artisan Central member logo which is a sign of quality, skill and professionalism.
  • Your profile enables you to promote your area of expertise and choose the work you want to do.
  • There is a review procedure to ensure only genuine customers can add reviews to your profile page, providing further reassurance to potential customers about the quality of your work, strengthening your professional reputation.
  • The website is free for customers to use.
  • We will actively promote our members through social media throughout the year.

Membership fees:

Monthly fee:€36 (inclusive)
Half-yearly fee:€205 (inclusive) including 5% discount.
Annual fee:€388 (inclusive) including 10% discount.


  • Artisan Central will advertise and promote the website, its members and their businesses through online campaigns, media articles, advertisements in major magazines and at property events in France and the UK. This activity takes place year-round.
  • We have links with key partners throughout the region including all major estate agents and notaires, both English and French run.
  • Artisan Central business cards will be placed in major outlets such as British run cafes, hairdressers, food outlets, stores.
  • Your businesses may be selected to feature in the media section of the website and in online media campaigns.

Membership Fees and Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Fees can be paid:
    • Monthly by PayPal or credit card (automatically recurring)
    • Half yearly by credit card, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal
    • Yearly by credit card, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal
  • Membership will be activated when an acceptable form of payment has been received and credited.
  • Fees may be reviewed annually; members will be given one month’s notice of any increase.
  • Members who have paid fees in advance will not see an increase until their renewal date.
  • Artisan Central will send a reminder one month in advance of the renewal date.
We will discuss your preferred payment method during the application process.

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