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Legal status of business Example CJ Plumbing – this should match your SIRET. Example Colin Example Jones What business name do you want the search function to use if a customer searches for you by business name? For example you may have registered your business as ‘Colin Jones’ but the business is known to customers as ‘CJ Plumbing’.
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Do you have Responsabilité Civile Professionnel (third party liability)? * * compulsory for members. Do you have Assurance Décennale (ten-year guarantee)? Are you interested in receiving a free insurance assessment, adapted to your trade & situation from one of our partnered insurers for Decennial / Public liability insurance / Personal accident cover / Private pension or Life insurance? This is a free service and is completely voluntary, however, our insurance providers may be able to give you a better or more comprehensive deal than you currently have negotiated for your business.
Business Summary
Please provide a business summary, include details about who you are, whether family run business, relevant experience, relevant qualifications, the scope of work you undertake, what areas you cover, whether you specialise in anything, how long you have been in this particular trade etc.
Example: My name is John Figgis and I run JF Electrical, based in Civray, 86400. I moved to France with my family 15 years ago and provide domestic and commercial electrical work. I have been an electrician for over 25 years. I am fully qualified in both the UK and France, I undertake all types of electrical work from small jobs such as fitting additional sockets or upgrading fuse boxes, to complete rewires and office refurbishments. No job too small. I aim to provide the highest quality of work and ensure complete customer satisfaction. My work is fully insured (Assurance Décennale) and I can provide customer references, proof of insurance and free written quotations on request. It would be a pleasure to help you with your electrical needs. I cover departments 16 and 86.
Services Offered
Please list the main services you offer, maximum of 15. Try to list them in order of relevance to your trade and use short phrases that potential customers are likely to search for, such as 'rewiring').
Example for JF Electrical, electrician:
• Electric appliance repair & installation.
• Emergency and security lighting.
• Fuse box installation.
• Smoke alarm installation.
• Heating systems including underfloor.
• Rewiring.
• Security alarm systems.
• Boiler/immersion heater installation/repair.
• Electric gates/entry systems
• Fault finding.

Customer References:
Please provide the details of two customers you have worked for in the past 12 months who are willing to provide written customer references confirming the quality of your work and your professionalism. Referee 1: Referee 2:
How did you hear about Artisan Central? Please select/fill in all that apply. Please provide us with name or address so we can thank them.
CAPEB membership:
Are you interested in joining CAPEB in your region? CAPEB is The Confederation of Crafts and Small Building Enterprises, better known by its acronym CAPEB, is a French trade union bringing together many small craft building companies in France.
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Application Checklist

The more information you can give us the better your business profile will be. We will edit the information you provide and produce your profile for approval.

To complete your application, you will need the following information ready:
  • SIRET number.
  • Business Summary: approximately 600 words which summarise your business. We will edit this for you later.
  • Customer References: the name, email and contact number of two customers willing to provide written references about your work.
  • Trade-Related Qualification(s) and Accreditations (optional): if you have any trade-related qualifications or accreditations you wish to include in your profile.

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