Quotations/Devis - The Rules

Quotations/Devis - The Rules

Samantha Ancell of Aviva Assurances, Ruffec outlines what should be included in a devis/quotation.

Submitting Quotes - The Rules!

When the cost of an artisan's work is higher than Euro 150 TTC (taxes included) the artisan must provide a written quote (devis), except where the work is urgent, for example a burst water pipe.

The quote must be provided in duplicate with the name and address of the artisan, the name and address of the client, and the address where the work is to be carried out (if different).

The following must also be listed:

  • The total amount, including breakdown of taxes applied.

  • Fees for call out (if applicable).

  • Detailed breakdown of the services and parts - listing name and number of parts and hours required.

  • Payment methods accepted and payment due date(s), or if free.

  • The date of the quote and how long it is valid for.

  • SIRET number and insurance details for third party liability and assurance décennale (as appropriate).

A quote can be chargeable or free, but if chargeable the artisan must inform the client before a quote is produced.

Once the quote is signed by the artisan and the client (marked 'bon pour travaux') it becomes contractual, i.e. the client has accepted the work and cost and is obliged to pay the amount agreed, equally the artisan has agreed the work and cost and cannot subsequenty add stages and costs other than those on the quote.

If the artisan delays the agreed start date by more than seven days, and where the quote is above Euro 500, a client has the right to cancel the contracted work.  This must be done in writing within 60 working days from the date the work was due to start.

Further details about quotes can be found here: 

We recommend seeking professional advice and undertaking checks (business registration, appropriate insurance, customer reviews, photographs of work, see examples of recent work in person) before entering into a potentially expensive contract with an artisan.

Samantha Ancell

Insurance Agent

Aviva Assurances

Agence Bourdin

16700 Ruffec

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Quotations/Devis - The Rules

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