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What you need to know about CONSUEL

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Committing to the 'French Lifestyle'

The Guide to Showing off your Mastery of French Living through your Home Furnishings....

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Everything you need to know about 'affouage'

With wood burners becoming ever more efficient, ‘affouage’ is making a comeback. Find out what it is and how you can exercise your right to it...

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Ecopower Europe featured in French Property News!

Read the article on renewable energies with contributions from Artisan Central members Paul and Lindsey Elliott of Ecopower Europe

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What is an Artisan?

From 'artisan loaves' to large industrial estates labelled 'zone artisanale', it's a widely used term. So what IS an 'artisan' exactly?

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Why ‘La rentrée’ is ideal for home improvements

Whatever our age, September will always feel like the perfect time to start something new. Because it is! Here's why...

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10 of the best ideas for using off-cuts of oak

Got a slab of lovely oak and can't bear to burn or bin it, but don't know what else it's good for? Bespoke Maker's Elizabeth Harvey does...

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Advice on Finding the Right Artisan

Read all about how to find the right artisan for your French property project in The French Property Magazine

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Easter Fun!

Eggs - iting Egg shaped buildings for Easter!

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600 Likes on Facebook!

We have 600 Likes on Facebook as of Today!

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"Coup de Pouce" EDF!

Financial help to improve the energy efficiency of your French home from EDF.

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Assurance Decennale -An Electricians Point of View

It is important and legally required, of course, that tradesmen work within their qualifications and therefore what they are insured to do

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Artisan Guide: Financial Aid for Home Improvements

A Guide for artisans from CAPEB on how to advise your clients on the financial aids available for home renovations in France.

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Transporters in France - The Facts

If you think that the building trades have to jump through some hoops to register here, spare a thought for anyone wanting to set up in the transport

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New Pool Services by Charente Assistance in 2019!

One fixed price, no nasty surprises!

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Windows and Doors - UPVC versus Wood

What are the advantages of UPVC Units compared to their timber counterparts? Carl Hewson of Lion Rouge says there are many to consider....

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If its not been through your body, I don’t want it in my system!

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Artisan Central February Newsletter

Welcome to Artisan Central's February newsletter which includes a handy tax guide and a chance to win Amazon vouchers.

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Karen Jones: Making Sense of Tax in France

Karen Jones of Solutions unravels the mystery of tax in France. PDF available below.

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Aviva: Differences in Business Insurance Cover

Do you know the difference between décennale insurance and professional liability - and what should your artisan have? Available as a PDF below.

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Currencies Direct: Managing Exchange Rates

Planning to buy a property in France? What impact could exchange rate movement have on your purchasing power? Available as a PDF below.

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Competition Time - Win a Hamper

Your chance to win a festive hamper courtesy of British Corner Shop.

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Quotations/Devis - The Rules

What details should you expect to be included in a quotation/devis from an artisan in France?

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An Ambitious Renovation Project

Matt Chalk of MC Renovation, looks back on an ambitious project to renovate a house on the verge of collapse.

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How to Find a Tradesman in France

Invaluable guide by Artisan Central member, Matt Chalk of MC Renovation.

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Blog by Artisan Central Member - Maison Bretagne

Maison Bretagne...creating beautiful homes in Brittany.

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Artisan Central Sizzling Summer

Artisan Central's June newsletter...

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Competition Time

Win €150 of quality British paint delivered to your door in France.

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Gite Management Guidelines

A useful guide to gite management.

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Artisan Central Guidelines: Working with Artisans

How to recognise a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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Living Magazine - Featuring Artisan Central

You know spring has sprung...

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FrenchEntrée Magazine: March 2017

Guide to Using Artisans in France: Defence Against the Cowboys!

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